Our Franchise Philosophy

BelFrit is a fast casual food concept based on Belgium’s finest and most important food icon, Belgium’s fries, as well as a number of other well-known snacks and desserts, from the famous curryworst to the delicious Belgian waffle.

Bringing the best of Belgium to countries around the world, BelFrit quickly delivers freshly made, high quality food to customers.

By providing an above average price-to-quality ratio with high standard snack foods and fresh ingredients, BelFrit continually exceeds customer expectations.

With this position, we offer a unique concept to everybody interested in franchising in the food industry.


BelFrit Gives You

Reputation and Experience

  • Leading brand name in our growth countries
  • Knowledge gained from seven years of experience
  • Credibility of a strong name
  • Product excellence and quality label
  • Easy product training and preparation
  • Business expansion potential
  • Right product quantity

Financial Planning

  • Profitability and fast ROI

  • Serious negotiation and buying power organization with BelFrit/BestFrit/RestoFrit covering 2.100 frituren in Europe

  • Strong financial backing

  • Established logistics system

  • International partners

  • Appropriate price setting

  • Local law and regulation awareness and compliance

  • Budget planning and assistance

  • Fair and budget friendly start-up and franchise fees

  • Event budget for local events or franchise fairs

  • Start-up communication budget

  • Purchase planning

  • Start-up check list

  • Local help on-site before and after location’s grand opening

  • Profitable menu selection and recipes

  • High quality cooking and frying materials

  • Employee and team training

  • Interior advice and design

  • Sales area organisation

  • Technical advice

  • Marketing and communication actions and promotions

  • Franchiser web space

  • Promotional tools such as sampling kit and weekly menu

  • Food presentation and serving ritual


BelFrit Expects of its Franchisers


Serious entrepreneurs looking for a realistic business venture are the ideal BelFrit partners.

If you are a franchise partner that:

  • enjoys the fast pace and personal interaction of the food and drinks sector,
  • is willing to provide customers the best quality food for a reasonable price,
  • appreciates a challenge,
  • works well with others, leads by example and can train and manage a small staff,
  • is willing to learn from experience to adapt and improve,
  • is interested in investing time and effort for concrete financial gains,

then BelFrit is the opportunity to compliment all of your professional aspirations.