Franchiser testimonial

Franchise Testimonials

Here are some first-hand accounts from the perspective of our respected franchise-partners. Their testimonials touch on the wide range of topics within the business of franchising.

Research proves that more businesses survive the 5-year mark when based on a franchise partnership, as opposed to regular independent entrepreneurial ventures.

To be successful isn't an immediate or simple task but an adventure and challenge, one that must be taken with seriousness and dedication for positive results. Our international team and our local master franchisers will do everything to work with you to understand the various issues you face as you grow and evolve into a profitable franchiser.

Short time to get profitable

"We were shocked by the short time we needed to get profitable. Solid training and support, good kitchen materials and a nice interior helped us kick-off at a high level from the beginning with a very small team.
When help was needed when sales dropped for a period, they provided us with a good analysis and sound advice"
(Zoltan, Budapest)

Fantastic food concept

"The food concept is fantastic. Although my fellow countrymen had never tasted real Belgian fries, the food concept, balanced menu and innovative approach of offering free samples, helped introduce our product to our customers and made them come back for much, much more. All in all, this is the reason why we are working on expanding our business and doing the necessary research to plan more BelFrits in our city"
(Aga, Poznan)