Franchise Levels

Franchising; an increasingly successful way of doing business

BelFrit Franchise Corporation doesn't sell products; it sells business opportunities. These business opportunities are based on Belgian quality products, a long lasting Belgian tradition and a sound business model.

Franchising is a fast, reliable way to grow and expand the BelFrit concept throughout the world, building on the strength and dedication of independent entrepreneurs.

More information and background on franchising on our "franchise check list" is coming soon.

As a franchise organisation we are looking for two levels of partners that want to join our success story:

Franchise partner

If you want to know more about our franchise partner collaboration concept, we kindly ask you to fill in the request form and clearly state what level you are interested in.

In general, you should take into account that you need to gather a start-up budget for:

  • interior design budget for your BelFrit Shop or Restaurant
  • food and non-food stock-in-trade
  • month(s) lease guarantee (often via bank guarantee)
  • certified cash register (web monitored)
  • a start-up fee towards the franchise organisation

Overhead costs:

  • lease cost
  • personnel cost
  • food and non-food costs (taking our prescribed multipliers into account to define your sales prices)
  • franchise royalty cost on your monthly turnover (fixed percentage)
  • marketing fee (fixed percentage versus proven expenses)

The start-up fee, the royalties on your turnover and the marketing fee are to be paid to you local partner and local support, the master franchiser.

In return the master franchiser will help you start-up, train your team, manage marketing and sales materials, manage the distribution chain and guarantee the delivery of quality goods and products.


Master franchiser

If you want to know more about our master franchise concept, we kindly ask you to fill in the request form and clearly state what level you are interested in.

In general, the master franchiser is our key to a new region, most often a new country. The master franchiser, by paying the master franchiser start-up fee, receives the exclusive right to develop his/her BelFrit network in his/her area for a fixed period of time and based on clear targets.

In return, the master franchiser receives part of the start-up fee of every new franchise partner he/she has helped start and a percentage on the turnover on the network the master franchiser has helped build, and those for which they are responsible for guidance and support. 

Master franchiser costs:

  • master franchise start-up fee
  • small percentage on the master franchiser network to be transferred to BelFrit Franchise Corporation
  • small portion of the start-up fee of new franchise partner to be  transferred to BelFrit Franchise Corporation 
  • the obligation for every master franchiser to open at least one properly owned BelFrit frituur within the first year, often the BelFrit flagship store and training centre in a new country