Franchise Concepts

To increase business opportunities and take advantage of the best locations for BelFrit shops, we have a wide range of concepts that can apply to numerous space and real estate options.
Choose the style that best compliments your goals as an entrepreneur and your local area’s quick food service needs.

Our standard floor plan will perfectly fit a space range of +/- 35-60 m2.
Our average floor space needed for a BelFrit shopping mall concept is about 40m2
The standard concept, such as for a food court in a shopping mall, features a front kitchen and back kitchen, storage area, and transactional zone / sales counter.
When you want a stand-alone shop, you will have to take care of your own seating area, play zone and toilet area. Needless to say that if there is the potential for space, adding square metres can be very profitable!

Following our guidelines and ideas delivered by our interior designers and your BelFrit franchise advisor helps you obtain the best ROI (return on investment) on your future lease.

Apart from the square metres, we have gathered a lot of experience in the right selection of your future location: place, surface, quality, standard connections, lease price level, budget for your interior design materials,...

With all those parameters in place, we will gladly help you to set up a successful business plan.

BelFrit in a shopping mall

The shopping mall is the most popular and successful option to date. It is always spring in a shopping mall, with the same temperature and weather throughout the year! 
The high foot traffic results in a steady stream of customers that want fresh, fast food. Open 12 hours per day, 360 days per year, this option requires a lower investment and is capable of being applied to limited spaces starting around 40m2.

Stand-alone Shop

Our stand-alone shop concept provides a good brand experience in a warm, relaxed and cosy environment.
Although there is often a slower start, the overall experience combined with more seating spaces results in a high return on investment. Mind the seasons and the weather; they play a big role in choosing for this concept.


A shop-in-shop concept, this is a solution for the catering professional who wants to integrate more food concepts in his catering business.

It involves one food court, with a seperate cash register per food concept, operated by the same catering team, managed by one catering manager.

Note: this is a conceptual drawing and not a final design


Our BelFrit Kiosk is another option.
Often attached to petrol stations or as a stand-alone in amusement parks or similar locations, this is an option that has a lot of potential in an environment where visibility plays a very important role.
If so desired, it can also offer the perfect combination between a take away concept via a window counter, but has also the opportunity to serve clients in the seating area.

Note: this is a conceptual drawing and not a final design.


Mobile (truck) vendor

A truck vendor is another choice being made available to our franchise partners.
The concept of a professional mobile "frituur" for events and festivals offers entrepreneurs the most flexibility of location and time investment.

Note: this is a conceptual drawing and not a final design.

Street vendor (small)


We also offer small, mobile, street vendor frituur concepts.
Small can be beautiful, less can be more!
It refers to the old days, when Belgian fries where introduced to the world. The picture shows you the oldest known frituur in the world. 




Our modern version works with 2 small fryers, one for baking our Belgian quality fries and the other one for our quality snacks.

Note: this is a conceptual drawing and not a final design