Food concept 6

Menu Selection

BelFrit has carefully selected a range of food items in our fresh, quality fast food concept.

Discover our menu items in a BelFrit Frituur of your choice:

Belgian fries

 The star of the BelFrit Franchise concept, Belgian fries are the cornerstone of the menu.
Delicious and satisfying, these fresh, made-to-order fries are what makes customers come back for more. 

Premium snacks

 Our premium snacks provide the perfect amount of variety to the BelFrit menu. Deep fried and delicious, these warm and meaty snacks satisfy the heartiest of appetites.


There is probably no country in the world where you will find more premium sauces for fries and snacks as in Belgium.
With Sweet Mayonnaise, Tartar, Andalouse, and Samurai, to name a few, BelFrit offers the top ten favourites. 
These ten sauces have made it through the seven years of development of our food concept. They form the best combination with our fries and snacks and are also the most successful sauces bought by our international client base.

Our Menu's

 For the most value and the greatest variety, BelFrit has a range of combinations featuring its most popular food items.
These menus bring together Belgian fries, tasty snacks and a beverage for a well priced, tasty meal. 


Menu's for kids

Our children's menus make both kids and parents happy by providing the right portions with the right price. For freshly made, filling food that kids love, parents can pick from a range of menus carefully chosen for value and taste.

Fresh salads

 Salads are a great addition to a BelFrit meal. As either a light and refreshing side or a main course, our salads are fresh and healthy.

Belgian desserts and sweets

BelFrit's Belgian waffles can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or at the end of a meal. Sweet and warm, BelFrit's Belgian waffles are dangerously addictive!

Cold and hot drinks

 From a hot coffee to a refreshing soda, BelFrit has the beverage you need to round out your meal.