Food concept 2

Food Concept & Positioning

BelFrit is a strong, growing, innovative brand with worldwide appeal. BelFrit’s food concept forms a perfect alternative to today’s ordinary fast food store concepts.

We offer more value for money. Piping hot, lightly salted fries either on their own or as part of a satisfying menu, are filling and delicious.  Our fresh made-to-order meals at BelFrit will satisfy your appetite with our hearty portions, leaving both you and your wallet full. 

Why is BelFrit so successful?

  • Fresh, high quality Belgian fries and snacks

  • All dishes are made to order for each individual customer

  • Original food concept and menu combination

  • Prices and offerings are slightly adjustable to the local market



  • Researching new potential menu items

  • Continuous technical evolution improving the final product

  • Innovation team always on the look out for consumer trends

  • Constantly striving to learn and improve our offering


  • We use only top suppliers, reputable name brands and high-quality, genuine frituur frying installations

  • Mystery shoppers plus team training and franchise support serve to continually improve upon our services and ultimately, your profits

  • With food traceability, cold chain from door-to-door, and quality control, we ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of our frituurs

  • Dependable, fresh products and consistent flavour customers come to expect and associate with BelFrit